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New Member

How to solve

Here is the problem i am looking to resolve on my customer's network. Any idea on how to get the packet redirected to the three servers instead of to one server.

When we shutdown the node 1, we are getting: :Page can not be found. Therefore there is no redirection to nodes 2 & 3 as it should be if the load balancer was operating properly.

When we log in to any of the UAT nodes using the load balancer link ( and then try to use any of the application sub links, we are again prompted for the password with the message that the connection was lost. If we connect directly (bypassing the load balancer) this doesn't happen.

Here is the CSS config:

content x-eagleuat

    vip address 10.x.x.x

    add service PAGLE01

    add service PAGLE02

    add service PAGLE03

    protocol tcp

    port 8080


advanced-balance sticky-srcip

    sticky-inact-timeout 30

    balance leastconn


New Member

Re: How to solve

the reason seems that you have not configure the keepalive for the services correctly.

Here are the sample configuration on CSS:

service PAGLE01

port 8080

ip address

protocol tcp

keepalive tcp 8080


New Member

Re: How to solve

What does the keepalive command do?

I thought since there is a load balancer that is supposed to load balance traffic across the three servers the traffic should have been redirected to the other two servers when the first server was shutdown.

Let me know what you think

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