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HSE support CSS WebNS 7.20 Build 109 ???

Hi together,


I cannot find, that HSE 1.7.1 support WebNS 7.20 Build 109

I only find support for 7.10 build 102.

Is this correct ?

I have some problems, that the HSE did not show the correct service status at "Hosting -> Activation -> <device> -> <owner> -> <content rule> -> service".

eg service is "suspend" HSE show me "active".

I cleared my browser cache and push the refresh button several times.

If I mark the service and press "Status" I get the correct status and correct colour on the screen,

If I push "refresh" again, the view show me a green colour for the service, what is definitely wrong.

So another question is, where does the HSE stores the infos about the CSS status:

- If I mark a service and press "Status" all look fine. It seems that the HSE send a snmp request

- If I push the refresh button, service is displaey wrong. Does the HSE use an internal database to build up this view ?

thanks in advance


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Re: HSE support CSS WebNS 7.20 Build 109 ???

Hi Sascha,

Please see here for the supported devices list for HSE 1.7.3.

It does _NOT_ support WebNS 7.20 yet.

for your detailed troubleshooting questions, please open a TAC case.

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