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HTTP Redirect with Global Load Balancing

I've seen a lot of documentation about redirects and what I am trying to do seems simple enough yet I can't get it to work. Here is a summary:

We have two CSSs in different data centers with load balancing in a roundrobin fashion.

User types

User hits one of the CSSes configured to respond to, CSS1 and CSS2.

If CSS1 gets the request, it should redirect request to server1:9086/test.html

If CSS2 gets the request, it should redirect request to server2:9086/test.html

Here is a sample of one of the CSSes:

content vTEST

dnsbalance roundrobin

add dns

url "/*"

protocol tcp

port 9086

vip address

add service rTEST


service rTEST

protocol tcp

port 9086

type redirect

keepalive type none

ip address

redirect-string "server1:9086/test.html"


I've seen a lot of example of using HTTP Redirects, but none of them touch on using global load balancing as we are trying to accomplish.

Now, if I type in a browser:

it fails. Why? because the CSS returns back an IP of for, which isn't a real IP address (this is by design). If I type:

it works because it successfully redirects to:


because it is going directly against the VIP and redirecting as it should.

So the redirect function we know is working on the CSS as expected. However, the problem is this:

When I ping I should get back the VIP address of the content rule ( and I do UNTIL I ADD THE REDIRECT TYPE to the service. Once I do that if I ping I will get back Somehow once the redirect is added the IP address of the service ( is returned instead of the content VIP ( That shouldn't happen.

I hope this makes sense and any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: HTTP Redirect with Global Load Balancing

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