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New Member

HTTP Return Code Checking on ACE

Hey there.

I have a question regarding return code checking for a serverfarm on ACE. I am looking to have the ability to monitor a client's session real-time and monitor return codes passing back from the origin servers to the client.

For example, if during a client's session there is a single HTTP 500 error code sent from server to client, the intercept that response and first retry the request on a different server in the farm. Or perhaps only if I see three 500 error codes in 30 seconds. Something like that.

From what I can tell from the docs the retcode check command for a serverfarm is maybe only for statistical purposes?

Thanks for any help.



Re: HTTP Return Code Checking on ACE

In ACE return codes checking is only used to count number of return codes from Rservers. Unlike CSMs (where return codes were used for inband health monitoring) ACE is not using them for load balancing or inband health

monitoring. Once you enable return code checking and counting you can then display the return code statistics per serverfarm

for example

serverfarm host serverfarm1

retcode 200 499 check count

rserver real1


rserver real2


show serverfarm serverfarm1 retcode

serverfarm : serverfarm1

rserver : real1

np : 1


return code action total count


200 count 100

201 count 0

202 count 0

203 count 0

204 count 0

205 count 0

206 count 0




498 count 0

499 count 0


New Member

HTTP Return Code Checking on ACE

Hi Syed,

What does it mean the following command?

retcode 404 404 check remove 1 reset 1 resume-service 900

Thanks in advanced!



New Member

Re: HTTP Return Code Checking on ACE

Hi Ahuffer

The ACE module supports L7 load balancing and health monitoring.

The health monitor depends on how you set it up.

You can probe the server with DNS, ICMP, FINGER, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and loads more.

Setting up the probe you can specify the probe interval, fail detect pass detect and more. (With fail and pass detect you specify the interval and count)

You can also check the customers "real time" traffic with HTTP Return Error-Code Checking.

If the server fails the ACE will do the load balancing only on your other "active" servers.



New Member

Re: HTTP Return Code Checking on ACE

With 2.0 you will be able to do more than count the response code returns. you can take a server out of rotation (leaving the active connections intact but refusing new connections until the rserver is put back into rotation).

not exactly what you were looking for, but better than just keeping statistics.