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HTTPS to Multiple HTTP service and ports

Hello Guys,

I am trying to set up a config in a one armed design with client connecting via https that should be redirected to differents http servers (some are port 80 others 8080 and 9000) and depending on the end of the HTTPS url I have to rewrite the end of the url to connect to the right application on the server.

example i use and this should be transformed in

But at the same time if the client use this https url: it should be rerouted to others servers using port 9000.

Can someone help on how with a same VIP and a same certificate i can balance the traffic to the right servers changing the ports and rewriting the url.

Here is a sample of my config so far.


Cisco Employee

Re: HTTPS to Multiple HTTP service and ports

if all you need is change the port, than can easily be done.

Create a rule to handle the SSL traffic. A single rule for all your url is ok.

Send the cleartext traffic to an ip port ie: x.x.x.x:81

Then create multiple rules for x.x.x.x:81 with different url match statement.


content reporting

virt x.x.x.x

proto tcp

port 81

add service Server1_8080

url "/reporing*"


Content Appli1

virt x.x.x.x

proto tcp

port 81

add service Server1_9000

url "/ged/appli1*"


However, if you need the url to be changed as well as the port, then you will need to configure a redirect. Then catch the redirect with a new SSL rule and forward it to the specific server.

Hope this helps.

If you need more info, let me know.


New Member

Re: HTTPS to Multiple HTTP service and ports

Hi Gilles,

Thanks for the feedback, can you just let me know how you send the clear text traffic to a vip and the port 81, can i do that in the ssl-proxy-list by changing ssl-server 100 cipher rsa-with-rc4-128-md5 80 to ssl-server 100 cipher rsa-with-rc4-128-md5 81 ?

for the redirection can you explain a bit more or send a sample of conf.

Because i need to change the url and the port like following: to

Any advice is welcome.

thanks for the response

Cisco Employee

Re: HTTPS to Multiple HTTP service and ports

you indeed change the ssl proxy-list the way you showed.

All the redirect examples are @

You need to use the solution that allows you to set the HTTPS at the beginning of the url.

The easiest for the redirect would be the first option with the redirect command inside content rule


redirect ""

CreatePlease to create content