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Internet Content (http) Caching

We provide IP Wholesale (Transit) to many mobile operators and ISPs, we also provide Internet access to end-users too. Most of the Internet traffic are Web traffic, we wish to cache some of

the web traffic to provide good user experience.

We researched Cisco site and we got the equipment mentioned below:

a. Cisco ACNS software version 5.5.1

b. Cisco WAE-7341

c. Cisco WAAS 4.0 SW image (separate license required) for WAE-7341

d. Cisco WAAS Transport License for 1 WAE Appliance

e. Cisco GSS 4492-R

1.) Are these all that we require to setup Internet Web Cache or we require more equipment?

2.) Can we achieve higher capacity in term of storage (CLUSTERING), considering that WAE-7341 is limited to 900GB?

3.) Can this solution cache video files (wmv & real) without purchasing any other license?

4.) If anyone has cisco documentation on how they implemented Web caching in a service provider environment?


Re: Internet Content (http) Caching


You can go for the following models:

Cisco WAE-511, WAE-611, and WAE-7326 Wide Area Application Engines

Cisco WAE-511

These new Cisco WAEs can ship installed with either the latest Cisco ACNS Software Version 5.3.3 or the Cisco WAFS Software Version 3.0. A separate license is required for each software version, and the two cannot be run concurrently.

Although the WAE appliances are based on the same hardware architecture as the content engine and file engine appliances, the WAE appliances come with enhanced hardware components, such as increased internal storage capacity and memory size, and increased performance for similar or lower price.

For more information about these new products, refer to the Cisco Wide Area Application Engine data sheet at:

GSS are for load balancing purpose not for offline caching.

They do only online cachin and the space for caching is also very limited as compare to WAE devices.

You have asked for cisco documentation for implementing WEB CACHING in a service provider environment.

You can configure either WAAS or WAFS but not both concurrently on WAE devices remember.

From here you can configure waas on wae using config guides given below on the url:

or you can configure cisco wafs on wae devices using following url:

check following url for cache video files:

Thanks and regards,

Sachin Garg

Senior Specialist Security

HCL Comnet Ltd.

A-10, Sector 3, Noida- 201301

Mob: 9911757733


Cisco Employee

Re: Internet Content (http) Caching

If you want to do object level caching for web and video, you should be looking at the ACNS software. You should probably look to use version 5.5.7 and the WAE-7341 is currently the largest box that runs the ACNS code.

The WAAS 4.x code (image and transport license) is for WAN acceleration, however it runs on the same hardware (WAE) in place of ACNS, so I don't think it's what you are looking for.

1 - 2. You can use a single ACNS box as a single proxy or you load balance several ACNS boxes using interception techniques like behind a VIP using a L4-7 switch or even using WCCP on a router, etc.

3. You need WMT and Real licenses to utiltize caching for those applications. HTTP downloads can be cached by default, but if VOD streaming is desired, you will need to enable the licenses.

4. I would recommend starting at "Cisco ACNS Software Configuration Guide for Locally Managed Deployments, Release 5.5"

It may not give you everything, but gives you the basics, implementing in your situation would probably take some more ground work. You may want to chat with your Cisco SE or Partner on options.



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