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Ip redundant VIP must reside on the same subnet as Circuit IP??

I have the following portion of a config...

circuit VLAN2

ip address

ip virtual-router 1 priority 200

ip virtual-router 10 priority 200

ip redundant-interface 1

I'm trying to add ip redundant-vip 10 199.x.x.x and receive an error of

%% Address outside of allowed range.

I have IP Opportunistic ALL enabled. In the past (using box to box redundancy) I could have VIP's that did not require having a circuit with the same network / mask. I would simply add routes for the public VIP's pointing towards my circuit IP.

Is this not possible with VIP/Interface redundancy?

The options I see are either running interface redundancy but not VIP redundancy and pointing the route for the VIP addresses to the redundant IP. Or, possibly bringing up muliple IP addresses under the circuit.



Community Member

Re: Ip redundant VIP must reside on the same subnet as Circuit I

I've done it using the method you suggest. Routing the vip that is out of range via the redundant interface, the traffic can be picked up with a content rule / source group'ed for outgoing traffic if necessary. Might not be the only way or the best way to do it, but it works.

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