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Ip Spoofing in Cisco Cache

Is there any way to enable ip spoofing in CIsco Cache Engine.We are Using Cisco Cache Engine with 3640 router???

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Re: Ip Spoofing in Cisco Cache

This question does not specify which IP address should be spoofed. Perhaps an explanation of WCCP and caching

will answer the question.

With WCCP enabled, the traffic passing through the 3640 router will be redirected to the CacheEngine. The CacheEngine

will then check to see if it has the objects being requested. If so it will "spoof" the web-servers address, and

respond to the client. In this way the client thinks it is getting a response from the web-server.

If the CacheEngine does not have the object requested in its cache, then it will retrieve this content from the web-server and

then "spoof" the web-servers address and response to the client. The connection from the CacheEngine to the web-server

will use the IP address of the CacheEngine and NOT the address of the original client making the request. The result

of this is that the web-server will only see requests from one ip address for the entire organization using that CacheEngine.

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