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New Member

IPTV and Internet Webcasting


I have a requirement to do Internet Webcasting (i.e. live streaming video to the Net). We have the following environment:

IPTV 3400 series servers with IPTV 3.2.

50 IPTV Viewer Clients

Everything plugs in to a series of 3524 switches and they plug in to a Core 6509.

Everything is on a private IP addressing scheme (10.x.x.x) and is protected by a PIX firewall from the Internet.

During my research, I have the following questions related to IPTV as a suitable solution:

1. IPTV seems to be dependent upon multicast capability to do live streaming video. As the Net is not multicast capable (except the MBONE, but that's not in the picture), can IPTV be made to do live webcasting.

2. Assuming we can, wouldn't I have to deliver an IPTV viewer client to anybody that may be accessing the site?

3. What are other people doing to do live video given the lack of support for MC on the Net?

Any input would be appreciated.




Re: IPTV and Internet Webcasting

Hi Dave,

1. The Cisco IP/TV solution can send a unicast stream or on-demand program over the Internet. In addition, it can send multicast broadcasts over a multicast-enabled network such as the Internet's multicast backbone (MBone), or it can send them across nonmulticast- enabled portions of the Internet via its SmallCast tunneling capability. The Cisco IP/TV solution works on any IP network including 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet networks. It also works well over cable and ADSL modems and ATM networks with LAN emulation (LANE).

2.On the client side, the Cisco IP/TV Client Software for desktop PCs supports Windows, UNIX VIC, VAT Mbone tools, and Apple QuickTime workstations.

If you want to try the Cisco IP/TV solution, you could get a Cisco IP/TV Demo CD. This CD contains fully operational Cisco IP/TV Software and demo content, which lets you broadcast sample programs over your intranet to desktop PCs.

New Member

Re: IPTV and Internet Webcasting

I don't believe the MBone has been fully deployed or readily available to every node on the Net has it? Also, my understanding of SmallCast tunneling is to simply tunnel a multicast signal in a unicast format from one IPTV server to another is it not? This would not permit clients to pick up on the broadcast signal.

Your response above doesn't explain any of the "how" I'm looking for. I need to know how I can send live video using what I've already explained in my environment. I already have IPTV. I don't need a demo CD.




Re: IPTV and Internet Webcasting

Most of the other streaming technologies relay on the client registering with the server (group/cluster/etc). As you have stated, the Internet does not necessarily support end-to-end multicasting.

I'm thinking what you'll end up needing to do is set up VPN connections from the remote client to the main network. As a peer on the network , you could then use the IPTV multicasting for content distribution.

Depending on the model of PIX you're using, you may be able to operate 50 clients using the PIX to terminate your VPNs. If you're using a smaller model, perhaps a VPN concentator would work better for you.

The IPTV will smallcast, but since each smallcast stream is unicast, you'd be bandwidth-constrained to a small number of users.

Another option you can check out would be the Web Client. I believe that since it is also multicast-based, it won't work without a VPN. However, setting up a web page with a clickable download (for the plug-ins) and content selection would relieve some of the pain of doing 50 remote client installs.

There are some examples in the IPTV book, the same examples are online here, and I have posted a couple web-clients in the IPTV forum that I use as part of a Lab demonstration.

Good Luck


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