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ISP Multihoming without using BGP

Does anyone know if Cisco has a product or solution like the Radware Linkproof, F5 Link Controller, or WARP from Fatpipe that can provide Multihoming to more then one ISP without using BGP and also providing true load balancing which BGP can't do.

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Re: ISP Multihoming without using BGP

First you need to distinguish inbound and outbound traffic.

For outbound traffic it is quite easy to loadbalance the traffic to multiple ISP.

You just need 1 static route for every ISP.

The router (yes, a simple router) can loadbalance the traffic per packet or per session.

Now the inbound traffic is more tricky.

Obviously you do not control the remote routers.

So how can you tell the remote routerS (there is more than one since multiple ISP) to do loadbalancing ?

Let me first say there is no solution to achieve true loadbalancing for inbound traffic (nobody can - this is because of technical reason).

As you can see F5 does not talk about inbound/outbound but the picture on their website clearly shows the F5 box is on the internal network - so no control of inbound - just outbound.

So the Cisco solution is a simple router.

You don't need BGP, a simple static route will do the job. If you required some loadbalancing functionality other than just per packet or per destination, you can use a CSM (Content Switching Module).

Also be carefull with this type of solution presented by F5. Most of the ISP do not accept traffic if the source ip is not from their IP range.

So, if your server or PC as an IP address of ISP1, you can't send traffic to the Internet using ISP2.

[check with your ISP if he allows this or not]

Finally, contact a sales engineer from Cisco and give him all your requirements, he will provide you the best solution for your needs.



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Re: ISP Multihoming without using BGP


Can you send a sample config that using multiple

ISP on a router ???

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