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Java Applets and SCA 11000

I have a one-armed SCA11000 fronting a server with some Java applets. The html content works fine through the SCA, but the applets don't work at all. I've tried the default certificate and generated a self-signed cert, but I'd like to be confident that it SHOULD work before I dig any deeper. Anyone have an SCA fronting a server with applets?


Re: Java Applets and SCA 11000

I've seen issues with SCA and java applets with older codes. You may want to try upgrading to the latest code to see if that resolves your problem.

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Re: Java Applets and SCA 11000

I don't know if you are performing full page rewrites or not, but here is what I have run into. (Full page rewrites are when you setup url rewrites in your secure server configuration and do not check the http 3.x headers only checkbox.)

I was attempting the same thing using full page rewrites and here is what happens:

Client requests page from server

SCA rewrites all http references to https for the appropriate URL

Client calls the applet and sends response to server

SCA rewrites ONLY the html header back to http leaving any embedded data in the packet with https

Since my server is only running on port 80, the applet fails

If this is what you are experiencing, welcome to the club... :) I have filed a bug request CSCdz34804. If this is the problem you are experiencing, please add your case to this bug ID. I'm having a hard time convincing Cisco to fix this for me. :)

If this is not what you are experiencing, let us know what version you are running on your SCA, how your secure server is configured, and what if any URL rewrites you are doing.



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