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LD Show Real not showing connections

Here's a strange one, I have a LD430 behind my firewall and when outside users connect up to one of the websites that the LD balances and you do a show real, you can't see any of the connections. Sounds to me like the firewall is blocking something. The websites function properly and so does the LD.

Any help or adivce greatly appreciated.

Thx, Scott


Re: LD Show Real not showing connections

I don't really think the problem is with the firewall although it is quite possible.

The show real command is used to Verify the REAL Server status:

To show the number of currently used and maximum used proxy connection objects for content load balancing, use the show connections command.Try using this command and check the results. If you still don't see any connections, i guess the problem might then be with the firewall.

Here's the command reference for the local director..might help you.

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Re: LD Show Real not showing connections

You were correct. Show connections solves the problem. Thanks for your help. Scott

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