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licensing vdc on Nexus 7700


I'm having some difficult to understand what realy means the output I get from "show licenses usage" regarding VDC-LICENSES on nexus 77K:


Feature                                             Ins      Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments
MPLS_PKG                                         No    -   Unused             -
STORAGE-ENT                                   No    -   Unused             -
VDC_LICENSES                                 Yes   4   In use Never       -
FCOE-N7K-F248XP                            Yes   4   Unused Never       4 license(s) missing
ENHANCED_LAYER2_PKG                 Yes   -   Unused Never       -
TRANSPORT_SERVICES_PKG            Yes   -   Unused Never       -
LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG   Yes   -   Unused Never       -

from the above output I've expected I can create up to 4 non-default VDC + 1 default admin VDC (lic number =4 as see above). I've tried to create the vdc number 6 and works! It i s active and works! So my question is if by default exists already 4+1 VDCs license and after licensing I get 8+1?

The result from  "sh license usage vdc-all VDC_LICENSES " is also curious as presented below where I see only vdc_3; 4; 5 and 6 being allocated to the VDC_LICENSE. The VDC 1(Admin) and VDC2 don't need any license?:

Application              Vdc
vdc_3                    mgmt1-dc1                
vdc_4                    mgmt1-dc1                
vdc_5                    mgmt1-dc1                
vdc_6                    mgmt1-dc1                


The following vdcs were created:

mgmt1-dc1# sh vdc

Switchwide mode is f2e f3 

vdc_id  vdc_name                          state               mac                 type        lc      
------  --------                          -----               ----------          ---------   ------  
1       mgmt1-dc1                         active              00:2a:6a:a3:ef:41   Admin       None    
2       core-dc1                          active              00:2a:6a:a3:ef:42   Ethernet    f2e f3  
3       pe1-dc1                           active              00:2a:6a:a3:ef:43   Ethernet    f3      
4       trans1-dc1                        active              00:2a:6a:a3:ef:44   Ethernet    f3      
5       agg1-dc1                          active              00:2a:6a:a3:ef:45   Ethernet    f2e f3  
6       5                                 active              00:2a:6a:a3:ef:46   Ethernet    f2e f3  

I'm using N77-SUP2E on brand new nexus C7706 running 6.2.8.


Many thanks,


best regards,


Nuno Santos

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