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Load Balancers redirects for images

Presently we are reyling on our reverse proxies to direct traffic to our web pages (from the Load balancers), the problem is that the RP's are overloaded when dealing with the images, i would like to know how to bypass the RP when loading the images and will this effect how the RP's will be used for loading regular pages.

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Re: Load Balancers redirects for images

not sure what is your network currently.

Is it something like client ----- RP ----- CSS ----- Servers ?

How does the client get to the RP ? Are they setup to go there directly or is

it the CSS that redirect them to the RP ?

There is a way on the CSS to match extension like jpeg, gif, ... and we could use this to have a different rule for images and other type of data, but to make it work, we would need the client to get to the CSS directly, then the CSS will either server the client directly for images and redirect to the RP for the rest.


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Re: Load Balancers redirects for images

Gilles thank you for the reply,

Yes in fact the client is hitting the redundent LB (CSS's) then if it is secure SSL port 443 it goes to the SCA 's first ,if its just on port 80 it then is distributed across two RP. The RP then send the request to the web servers, this is were i'm having the problem, the RP are overloaded with images to get .

Appreciate the solution if you can help.


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Re: Load Balancers redirects for images

The header field group solution is not exactly the right one.

Below is what should work for your situation.

The idea is to create 2 content rules.

The regular one will loadbalance HTTP request to RP and the 2nd one will match only HTTP request to images and will Loadbalance directly to the end

servers bypassing the RP.

Solution with EQL


eql images

extension bmp "Bitmap Image"

extension gif "GIF Image image/gif"

extension jpeg "JPEG image image/jpeg"

extension jpg

extension jpe

extension jfif

extension pjpeg


owner mycompany

content www_images

vip address x.x.x.x

proto tcp

port 80

url "/*" eql images

add service WWW_Server1


content www

vip address x.x.x.x

proto tcp

port 80

url "/*"

add server WWW_RP1


Let me know if this works.


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