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Load balancing LDAP Servers


Load balancing to be achieved on two LDAP Servers.

In CSS, round robin configuration is carried out between the LDAP Servers.

My query is when the client initiates the tcp connection to CSS VIP Address and which in turn redirected the request to server A termed as LDAP binding. During that and any activities like LDAP modify comunication from the client will the CSS sees that as different request and redirect it to the Server B( as Round robin configuration carried out) ?

Any help on this higly appreciated.

Thanks & regards

R.Sundara Rajan

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Re: Load balancing LDAP Servers

If I am reading your question correctly, it sounds like you are asking if, once a TCP session is established to the VIP, if subsequent LDAP transactions from that connecting client will be load balanced.

The answer is no, once the TCP session is established, you will continue to use the same backend server until the TCP session ends(fin or rst or whatever).

Simply described in a healthy system, from TCP SYN to FIN everything will be directed to the same server.

Load balancing LDAP Servers


so how and in what roll the sticky/persistent is used

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