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Load Balancing multiple web servers

Hi All:

I need to load balance 2 different web servers using sticky connections on a LocalDirector 416.

I need to use cookie-passive mode, which of course relies on a cookie set by the web server.

Problem: The name of the session cookie is different on each web server (IIS) and I'm not sure that I can change it.

Question: What do I pass to the sticky command as the name of the cookie?

Any ideas?


Cisco Employee

Re: Load Balancing multiple web servers

fortunately the cookie are different on the 2 servers otherwise this feature would not work.

The value you enter after the keyword cookie-passive is a 'name' and can be whatever you want (you can also leave it blank/empty).

The LD will learn the cookie directly from the server.

See the documentation at :

I hope this answer your question.


New Member

Re: Load Balancing multiple web servers

Is the mapping created on the entire name-value pair of the cookie, or just on the value?

I tried leaving the "name" parameter to the sticky command blank, but it didn't allow that for cookie-passive (it did for cookie-insert, because then it used a default name when creating the cookie).

When I run "show sticky" it outputs this:

Virtual Machine(s) Sticky

vsrv:80:0:tcp 90 cookie-passive mycookie

This is not working, however cookie-insert mode is.

Any ideas?


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