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Load Balancing of Chat connections on CSS11503

I need to load balance between two servers namely " A " and " B " on TCP port 8057 for example with the help of CSS 11150. Lets assume I have a single user by name " Z "that wants to access the servers. " Z " hits the VIP of the Load Balancer to initiate a connection. I want the number of connections to be load balanced equally and at the same time the stickyness of the connection should be maintained. For example , when Z initiates the first connection assuming his connection goes to server " A " he should be connected to the same server until he disconnects the connection. And, the second connection should go to server " B " and the connection should be maintained with the same until he disconnects. Please keep in mind that the user " Z " initiates a connection not via a browser but instead he uses a chat application to connect to the servers.

What algorithm we can use on CSS for this type of loadbalancing?

Can we able to load balance on the basis of src ip & port on CSS or ACE Appliance?

Kindly help me out in resolving above issue.


Re: Load Balancing of Chat connections on CSS11503

Any application that uses standard Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram Protocol (UDP) protocols can also be load-balanced including firewalls, mail, news, chat, and lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP).

What port you are using for this , is this 8057.

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Re: Load Balancing of Chat connections on CSS11503

Thanks for your reponse.

yes we are using 8057 for chat. Kindly send me any configuration template if u have any so that i can get an idea to do this activity.

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