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load balancing on an applicaton with multi-ports

One of our application open 5 ports and other 4 management ports. the ports can not be ranged.

to load balancing this, I did:

make seperate contents rules for every port. and all of them use aca.

Please advice me :

1. how can I group all the ports into one contents rule?

2. every rule for a port means the balancing in only by based on specialy port?

3. Can I balance the load between ports?

4. for administrator ports, what is the better balancing mothed?

Any comments will be apprecaited

Thanks in advance

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Re: load balancing on an applicaton with multi-ports

if you want to group the ports, simply create a content rule without specifying a port.

Just a Layer3 rule.


content All

vip x.x.x.x

add service xyz

add service ...

balance leastconn


Also, use leastconn as a balancing method.

This is what gives the best results most of the time.



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Re: load balancing on an applicaton with multi-ports


What will be the best keepalive on the services to use in this case?

I have had a problem where I tried the same setup you have suggested above but what happen is i get a black hole if the service port(s) goes down on one of the servers.

At the beginning, I used the default ICMP keepalive and then tried the port xx keepalive but because the servers have multiple ports and if the port that is not monitored by keepalive goes down, the content rule still think that the service is still up and this is where I get i blackhole. To get around with the problem I have created multiple services, (one for each port) and configured the subsequent keepalive.

1. is there a better way of doing it? i,e script

2. is there any documentation on Cisco website on how to use the scripting tools on CSS?

Thanks again,


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