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Load balancing proxy chain with LD

Next Week we have to do some consulting at a customers, who owns 4 LD 416. He wants to do full HA balancing of his web proxy chain, consisting of 2 proxy servers, 2 viruswalls and 2 applet traps.

In his current configuration he routes the HTTP requests from internal clients through a firewall and

LD1 into DMZ1-proxy, then through the firewall and LD2 to DMZ2-viruswall, then through the firewall and LD1 back to DMZ1-applettrap, and finally towards the internet. This results in a tremendous load on the firewall box.

Our suggestion to overcome this situation is to set up to VLANs at interfaces 2 and 3 of LD1. The proxy servers will reside in VLAN2, the viruswall at VLAN3, and the applettrap at VLAN2 again. So the LD can bridge all the VLANs and balance the complete proxy chain.

Will this work? Anything we overlooked? Is there somebody out there who has done something similar before? What configuration specialties have to been taken into account?

Thanks in advance,


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