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Local Director Acceleration on 6509

Has anyone here configured LDA on a Cat 6500? I have a 6509 w/ MSFC and I would like to use the Cat backplane to accelerate load balancing.

Any suggestions?


Cisco Employee

Re: Local Director Acceleration on 6509

The specific feature is called ASLB (accelerated server load balancing) and is only available with Hybrid (CatOS for the sup and IOS for the MSFC). The most important aspect of this type of configuration is the configuration of the servers. The servers must be configured with a loopback address that matches virtual IP address you are load balancing. Here is a link that shows the configs on both the Local Director and the Catalyst 6k:

New Member

Re: Local Director Acceleration on 6509

Thanks for your help...I'll try it out...


Cisco Employee

Re: Local Director Acceleration on 6509


remember that ASLB (aka LDA) is only available on "supervisor 1".

As for the configuration remember to do the following:

- create a loopback address ifconfig eth0:1 -arp

The -arp option prevents the server from answering ARP requests

sent by the MSFC (or upstream router) to the VIP, only the LD should

answer ARP requests for the VIP

- Make sure to configure "lda" with the correct MAC addresses.

If you see that the 6500 doesn't create shortcuts (lda mls entries),

most likely you didn't configure the correct MAC addresses.

Configuring the LD MAC on the 6500 is trivial. As for the router

MAC you need to configure both the BIA and the HSRP MAC


- Make sure that in the list of ports that you give in "set lda router"

and "set lda server" there are the router side port and server side

port of the LD respectively. Also make sure that you include the trunk

port that connects the distribution switches. This trunk port should

be present in both the "set lda server" and "set lda router" command.

- To verify that your configuration works use traffic like telnet

that keeps the connection open so that you can show the

MLS entries and verify that the 6500 creates a shortcut.

If you use HTTP traffic it is harder to see if shortcuts are created

because connections are closed faster.

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