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Local director

We are upgrading our backbone from a single 6509 with dual sups (CatOS) to 2 6509E chassis with sup 720's running in native IOS. In the old network I used a local director and had ASLB configured in the CatOS for our 2 webservers. Given the speed of the sup 720's should I just use the SLB within the native IOS on the new sup 720's. Is there a sticky command in the IOS? The local director provided the virtual address for 2 Peoplesoft webservers. There are about 1500 PeopleSoft users but no more than 250 using it at any one time. If the SLB of IOS is enough can you point me to some example configurations to set this up.

Cisco Employee

Re: Local director

I think using ios slb is a good option in your new setup.

IOS SLB uses the old CSM commands.

So, if you can find CSM configuration, they also work with ios slb.

Here is a link to a basic example with 2 servers and and a virtual server.

Just ignored the 'ip slb vlan' commands.

Here is another example with HTTP probes.

Let me know if you need more detail on a specific point.



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