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New Member

Maximum connections per service on CSS

I would like to know what happens when the maximum connections is reached on one CSS service. Is the CSS drop further connections for the service or is it stop to send new connections for the service ?

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: Maximum connections per service on CSS

the service status will be down.

So the CSS will consider the service as dead/down. The service will not participate to the loadbalancing.

If no other service is alive, the traffic will be dropped.


New Member

Re: Maximum connections per service on CSS

Could you confirm me, after severals seconds or after the number of connections will decrease below a certain limit, the service will go back online ?

As the number of connections is very important, I'm afraid the service goes up and down continually.

I fact, I would want to limit the number of connections because I have three proxies/caches and one of them is more powerful than others. By limiting the number of connections on the two others proxies, I will think connections will spill over to the powerful unit.

I have to do this because to optimize the caching of web objects on proxies/caches, I use a load-balancing algorithm based on destip. With this algorithm, you can't put a weight for each service.

Thank you for your help.

Cisco Employee

Re: Maximum connections per service on CSS

yes indeed the service will flap continously in your scenario.

The CSM has an option to say do-not-come-back-online-until-connection-below-X

but not the CSS.

So as soon as the number of active connections drops below the limit, the server will be online again.


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