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Missing content on ACE module.


I'm working on a configuration and after a few tests I realized it does not bring the whole content of the site. Most of the times a picture of two are missing. The site is ebay-like with many pictures, banners and flash.

If I right-click “Show Picture” the image comes up right away.

For testing purposes and to be able to work along with the previous solution, NAT is set.

So far, I have tried:

I disabled sticky on every serverfarm. It was ON at the beginning.

I changed the predictor. From response app-req-to-resp samples 4 to leastconns slowstart 30.

I tried IE7 and Firefox clearing caches and so.

I set OUTOFSERVICE different servers and made combinations in an attempt to identify a rogue server.

The show serverfarm detail showed failures a couple of times but I later realized it was not related because further testing showed missing content and a steady counter.

No resources were ever denied.

The solution to be replaced by the ACE works fine.

The installed version is c6ace-t1k9-mz.A2_1_1a.bin.

Any advice?

Thanks a lot.


Cisco Employee

Re: Missing content on ACE module.

You did a lot of things wihtout knowing what exactly is going in the network.

The first step in troubleshooting an issue with ACE is to capture a sniffer trace of the tengig interface.

See if the server is sending redirect, or if packets are dropped, ...

Once you have the trace, if you can't see the problem send it to us with the config.


New Member

Re: Missing content on ACE module.

Ok, thanks a lot. I'll do that.

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