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Monitoring services in CSS 11050 using SNMP

Has anyone implemented SNMP monitoring of services for CSS?

How do i go about doing it using HP Openview as the SNMP manager?

I have read the SNMP configuration for CSS but still quite confused about setting the threshold for the RMON alarm. How do you determine what threshold to set to indicate that the service is alive or down??

You might want to refer to the RMON guide for CSS below:


Re: Monitoring services in CSS 11050 using SNMP

Hi Matthew,

actually for monitoring services via SNMP you dont need to configure

alarms on the CSS. First, there are default traps generated by the CSS

MIBs. Information can be found here:

There are two traps "Service Down" and "Service Suspended" send to

the preconfigured mgmt station. This can be used to indicate whether

a service is down or not.

Secound, you can poll the state of the existing services by the mgmt

station using the CSS MIBs, this is described here:

Use the svcExt.apSvcState variables to get the states.

If you have any further questions ...



New Member

Re: Monitoring services in CSS 11050 using SNMP

Correct me if I am wrong, but the only preconfigured trap is for service transition.

I understand that this post is pretty old, but that is the best info I found so far on apSvcState.

What I want to do is configure rmon-alarm to send traps to a mgmt station using the apSvcState variable. I have trouble understanding rising and falling threshold values.

The variable defines the oid and 4 enums values. Is it possible to use rmon-events to send traps with the service affected as well as the status.


Re: Monitoring services in CSS 11050 using SNMP

You should look at Cisco 1105 Hosting Solution Engine ( which is a complete monitoring/management solution for Content devices including CSS boxes.

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