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Moving from CSS to ACE

I'm trying to find documentation on moving from a CSS to the ACE but have not been able to find much on the ACE in general (no books at all). Does anyone have any info on this? We are currently using the CSS for multiple Web and Server farms, and are looking to add SSL in the mix. Trying to decide if we should just offload the SSL to the ACE for now (eventually migrating completely to the ACE) or if we should convert everything over at the same time.

Any links or book suggestions would be appreciated!

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Re: Moving from CSS to ACE


Here is the official link to ACE documentaton (but you probably have already found this...):

I don't believe that there is a book, as this is relatively new product. Also don't hope too much to find migration guide :)

You may use some design guides for CSM module and try to apply a part of it to ACE (Topology will be simmilar for ACE and CSM, but with ACE you additionaly have possibility of virtualization/contexts).

But, pay attention, becouse ACE and CSM have completely different config command syntax and configuration philosophy!


I did not quite understand your dilemma regarding migration?

Personally, I have not yet had a chance to implement SSL offload on ACE, but it sounds logical to move the server farm that will use SSL offload behind ACE, and do SSL termination and load-balancing for that server farm on ACE. Then, gradually you can move other servers behind ACE...

You will have to decide based on conditions and requirements in your network, and after reading thousands of pages of documentation... ;)

Good luck!

Best regards,


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