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Multicast and Windows Media

Hello everyone!

We are building a content delivery network and are using Multicast extensively. My question is for those experts who have worked with Windows Media Multicast in a Cisco Multicast environment over the Internet. Yes, our provider is running Multicast and the RP is configured correctly, etc. Here are the issues:

1) We are not able to join the Multicast group from outside the local LAN.

2) We have a simple setup with a Cisco router and a Windows Media Server (WMS). Both are setup for Multicast. Although, I have not been able to find documentation on how the WMS Multicast stack actually works. I'd like to know more about this, if anyone knows...

3) Do I need to define a Multicast group on the router? The WMS has a GLOP address using an arbitrary port# 17000. Not sure what WMS uses the port for, but when I do a trace, I see a ton of packets being sent from the WMS's IP address to its Multicast address, again, not sure why this is happening.

I have to believe someone has set this up before; it's a pretty basic and, I'd imagine, common setup.




Re: Multicast and Windows Media

Yes, you need to define a multicast group on the router. Kindly try doing a debug of the rp helow messages and auto rp if configured.

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