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Need help with persistence

the problem I am having is that existing connections to a content rule, are remaining persistent even though I have ‘no persistence’ configured in the content rule. What I would like to happen is for existing connections to be reset when the services that reference that content rule are suspended, or not active.

My configuration is in a Global load balancing configuration, whereby name resolutions are given to clients based on service availability. If all the services on css1 fail, then client resolutions for will point to css2. This part of the configuration works fine. My problem is that *existing* tcp connections with css1 are not reset (or sent a tcp fin) when the services fail or are suspended. These users continue to be connected to css1 because their local hosts do not do another name resolution seeing as how their connection state is still established with css1.

If the css would just terminate existing connections when services failed, then I would have no problems.

To attempt to rectify this problem I configured the global command ‘persistence reset remap’, and ‘no persistence’ in the content rule. This has not worked for me.

Help Much Appreciated!!!!


Re: Need help with persistence

Check out if you have access to bug toolkit on Cisco's site. In either case, contact tac for help if the workaround doesn't work for you. I'm not sure what version you are running so this may not have anything to do with your situation.

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