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New kind of setup using css 11503

Hi all,

We have to provide solution for upcoming content provider. Basically we want to load balance SAP and Siebel servers.

We are going to use four LoadBalancers in ASR mode with active-standby, Two for SAP servers and two for SIEBEL.

for the sake of simplicity, let us consider only two Loadbalancers.

Our network topology will be as follows:

LoadBalancer Active

| |

vlan1 ^ |vlan 2

(towards LB)| |(from LB to switch)

pix---catalyst 4507 (L2 mode)----

| | |

|FO | servers

| | |

pix---catalyst 4507 (L2 mode)----

| |

vlan1 | ^vlan2

towards LB)| |(from LB to Switch)

| |

Load Balancer Standby

so, you can see that pix is connected into failover mode. Catalyst switch will be in pure L2. All servers will be connected to both switches using dual NIC. there will be one/two ISC link between both css.

Here, we are using two links between each css and 4507: one for incoming, other for outgoing. Both links will be in different vlans. so, physically this will look like a one-armed acrhitecture but logically it would be work as inline.

can you comment on this design. I have not tested this design in lab and have to directly deploy it in the setup.

any response would be highly appreciated. if you require further information, please let me know.



Re: New kind of setup using css 11503

Active-active failover means that a minimum of two virtual IP addresses are used. Each CSS will be master for one VIP and backup for the other one.

Stateful failover indicates that upon failover there is no traffic interruption. The backup CSS knows from the master CSS which flows it will receive in case of failover.

One-armed mode failover means that the CSS is connected to a single VLAN. This scenario requires additional configuration to make sure that the server response is going through the CSS. In this configuration, client NAT (source group) is used.

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