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Community Member

not able to access GUI of GSS

I m not able to access the GUI of GSS whereas i can ssh. Here is the show run output from GSS

Is there any way to troubleshooting the issue.

abc#sh run

interface ethernet 0

ip address zz.zz.zz.zz


interface ethernet 1

ip address t.t.t.t

hostname abc

ip default-gateway z.z.z.z

access-list acl2 permit icmp any

access-list acl2 permit tcp any

access-list acl2 permit udp any

access-group acl2 interface eth1

ssh enable

ssh keys

ssh protocol version 1

ftp enable

snmp-server trap-source ethernet 0

no cnr enable


no enable

terminal length 23

exec-timeout 150

logging disk enable

logging disk priority Notifications(5)

no logging host enable

logging host priority Warnings(4)

logging facility local5

tacacs-server timeout 60

tacacs-server keepalive-enable

tacacs-server host y.y.y.y port 49 key j1b0ia

tacacs-server host x.x.x.x port 49 key j1b0ia

aaa authentication ssh local

aaa authentication gui local

aaa authorization commands

aaa accounting commands

I also added acls

access-list acl1 permit icmp any

access-list acl1 permit tcp any

access-list acl1 permit udp any

access-group acl1 interface eth0

still no luck

Cisco Employee

Re: not able to access GUI of GSS

Hi, in order to access the GUI of the GSS, you have to activate the role of GSSM.

Try this command to verify if the device is already configured as GSSM.

You should get something like this:

#gss status verbose

Cisco GSS - 2.0(1) GSSM - primary [Fri May 22 01:00:16 UTC 2009]

Normal Operation [runmode = 5]


0.0 0.2 May01 Boomerang

0.1 2.7 May01 Config Agent (crdirector)

0.1 3.4 May01 Config Server (crm)

0.0 3.3 May01 DNS Server



If the device is not configured for the role of primary GSSM, you should follow the steps in the link bellow to activate it:

Configuring a Primary GSSM

Keep in mind if you have more than one gss in the network, you should configure the role of gssm stand-by.


Community Member

Re: not able to access GUI of GSS

My gss shows this output

gss status verbose

Cisco GSS - 3.0(2) GSSM - standby [Wed May 27 20:12:05 UTC 2009]

Registered to primary GSSM:

Normal Operation [runmode = 5]


0.0 0.1 17:33 Boomerang

0.0 1.4 17:24 Config Agent (crdirector)

0.0 0.8 17:24 Config Server (crm)

0.0 1.6 17:33 DNS Server

0.0 0.3 17:24 Database

I believe .. i will not able to access the standby GUI and till the time it is standby state state correct ?

Once standby becomes primary then i will be will able to access GUI ..otherwise only cli access .. let me know if i am correct ?

You almost resolved my issue

Cisco Employee

Re: not able to access GUI of GSS

Hi, based in the output provided, you should be able to access the GUI using this url in a browser <>

The GUI is only available from the current GSSM primary. There should be only one primary in the setup at any given time.

SSH or telnet access is available all the time.


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