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Outbound Dynamic MS SQL Connection

I am using an 11500 running 7.4. I want to make a dynamic Microsoft SQL connection to a server outside the CSS. When I try to connect to the SQL box from a host that sits inside that has a VIP associated with it, the SQL box sees the VIP of the host; not the actual IP. Is there a way to make the CSS use the actual IP of the host instead of the VIP when making outbound connections?

This will not work since the SQL server sends a packet back to the host with a source port of UDP 1434 and a destination port of >1024 (the host's source port) and it's not feasable to setup a service that listens on >1024.

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Re: Outbound Dynamic MS SQL Connection

I fixed it myself.

I had these hosts inside part of a group with a VIP associated with it. Since by default, that all hosts can make connections outbound; all I did was suspend the group.

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