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Password Recovery on WAE 502 NM module


Im unable to log into the NM module. The password wasnt changed by anyone but suddenly im unable to log into the device,,,, I had kept the password to default only but its not taking it,,

How can u recover the password on a network module,,, i tried searching it but i can only find a doc which says reboot and change the flags to 8000 but the problem is when i reload the network module it dosnt show the booting sequence,,,??????

The router im using is 2811 with 12.4(9)T1 IOS and WAE 502 NM module

Cisco Employee

Re: Password Recovery on WAE 502 NM module

I would try a couple of commands from the router as sessioning into the NME from there, you should be able to see it boot.

To see it's status...

service-module integrated-service-engine slot/0 status

Then session into it (you probably have already done this...)

service-module integrated-service-engine slot/0 session

and then

service-module integrated-service-engine slot/0 reload

If for some reason that doesn't work, you can try the following:

service-module integrated-service-engine slot/0 reset

However, that isn't graceful and will hard reset it and reload it. You should be able to see the boot in the session.

I grabbed that from

Hope that helps,


Community Member

Re: Password Recovery on WAE 502 NM module


Ok so wat i should do is reload the module from the router using

"service-module integrated-service-engine slot/0 reload " command.

Then after that use

"service-module integrated-service-engine slot/0 session " command and i will get the booting sequence of the NM-Module.

Well correct me if im wrong.

Is this the thing i should try.???

Cisco Employee

Re: Password Recovery on WAE 502 NM module


I would actually session in first and then use another connection to reload it. It should look just like a console on an appliance reloading.

Let me know how it goes...


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