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Prepositioning windows media content with centrally managed CDM and CEs

We have recently installed a configuration of Cisco CEs and one CDM (model 566) to support windows media streaming from our intranet IIS/Windows Media servers. We have configured routers in area locations to transparently re-route WMT requests to a locall CE. We are trying to preposition windows media content from our web servers to the CEs. We have configured a device group for a channel associated with each web/windows media server but are UNABLE to get any content replicated down to the CEs. The failure begins with the root CE. I have tried content channels requests by IP number and specific wmv references within the WIndows Media publishing point, using mms protocol, by FQDN with publishing points and specific single file references and by FQDN crawl jobs. Nothing is working. I am able to open up specific wmv files using the same paths within a windows media client or IE browser with no problem.

IS there something special to be done here? The configuration is for on-demand--not multicast access--and I have only tried using the CDM's gui interface to set up the job--no manifest file.

This should be easy but it is proving to be very frustrating and Cisco CE support has not id'd the issue. Is it an authentication issue between the root CE and web/WM server? something else?


Re: Prepositioning windows media content with centrally managed

I think there is a cisco bug on this issue: CSCsb96777

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Re: Prepositioning windows media content with centrally managed

thanks, believe or not, I'm just now getting back to this issue due to a prolonger issue affecting all of our Content Devices that I won't bore you with....anyway, do you know whether the newer versions of ACNS, spec. 5.5.5 fix this issue...currently running 5.3.5

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