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Problem where CE bombard CSS with TCP request

My issues continue:

We have 2 x CS11154's and 2 x CE560 configured for reverse proxy cache as a front end to a web server. I notice from time to time that connects to the caches during a show service summary spiral upwards. We also register lots of service hits on the eql cacheable content rule.

It seems to be related to when were doing failure testing and in particular suspended or breaking the web server so the caches are the only thing working, but I'm not sure.

When you look at the transaction logs on the CE's you see a HTTP requested for an object thats is constantly repeating over and over as a cache MISS. 1st time it was a pdf second time it was a gif, both of which are cacheable. If I suspend the caches and wait then re-enable the connects seem to die and all returns to normal.

Anyone seen this behaviour. This is being reported to TAC under a long standing open case we have with getting this solution implement I was just curious. To me it looks like the caches are launching a DoS on the CSS.

Very weird.


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