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New Member

problem with sntp on css11000


I have configured "sntp server" on my CSS11000, but it does not work. Anybody who has suggestions what I have to do to get it functioning.

I am using sw-version 5.00(45) and a ntp-server on linux which works for all ios-routers without any problem.




Re: problem with sntp on css11000


Try adding the version to the command as well. Like this:

CSS(config)# sntp server ?

Server IP Address

CSS(config)# sntp server ?

Execute command

version Server version number

CSS(config)# sntp server version ?

Range 1-4 (Range: 1-4)

CSS(config)# sntp server version 1

CSS(config)# sho sntp ?

global Show SNTP configuration

CSS(config)# sho sntp global

SNTP Global Summary:

Server Address:

Version: 1

Poll Interval: 64

TimeSinceLastUpdate: 7

Server Status: UP


Other then that, there nothing else to configure.

Pete, TAC

New Member

Re: problem with sntp on css11000

I'm found in web site Cisco this note.

"Before you synchronize the CSS with an SNTP server, make sure you configure the proper time zone for the CSS (for example, to EST). Also make sure the time difference between the CSS internal clock and the SNTP server clock is less than 24 hours. Otherwise, the CSS will not synchronize its clock with the SNTP server"

New Member

Re: problem with sntp on css11000


An interesting one I came across yesterday that might be your problem, if the default time on the CSS is very different from that of your NTP server it may reject the request to syncronise as the difference is too much. On my CSS the time was 00:00:00 08 02 2079 (which was a bit mad) and despite entering the correct SNTP information a show sntp global showed the service as down.

I used the clock command to set the time, date and offset to be close to the real time and the SNTP started working and now syncronises OK.

This was using WebNS 5.02 and 5.03

Dont know if that helps



New Member

Re: problem with sntp on css11000


that was the problem. After I set the clock manually the sntp-update worked.

Kind Regards,


New Member

Re: problem with sntp on css11000


I spent a couple of hours on a CSS (SNTP client) and a C7240 (NTP server)...

Here are some checking to do:


1/ verify first that both client and server use the same timezone:

Do a show clock and you will get the timezone in the bottom.

If the timezone is different, you can modify it using the following cli:

#clock timezone hour


2/ verify the version that SNTP server use:

in my scenario I have used debug ntp command on the C7240 and discover that version was 3. In your case you can try at least to modify the version and see using:

(config) # sntp server version <1 to 3>


3/ verify of course the IP connectivity:

you should never get service DOWN if ip connectivity is ok:

(config)# show sntp global


4/ To troubleshhout I have aslo used a syslog server and debug high level:

(config)# logging subsystem sntp level info-7


Regards JeanCharles #9371

New Member

Re: problem with sntp on css11000

My SNTP works on the CSS, but is an hour off during DST. Any idea how to configure daylight savings time?

New Member

Re: problem with sntp on css11000

I have the same problem. I believe this is due to the CSS not understanding "advanced-daylight-savings-time". The workaround is to manually configure your time zone with one additional hour in the spring (and back to normal in the fall).

For me in the EST (GMT-5), DST means I configure the timezone to GMT-4 instead of GMT-5.


CSS# sh clock

Date: 06-04-2003

Time: 08:28:14

TimeZone: EST5EDT: -04:+00:+00




Cisco Employee

Re: problem with sntp on css11000

sntp, unlike ntp, does not handle daylight saving function.

So, there is no way to have it working automatically.


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