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Proxy rule for CE

I have one CE configured as a transporent proxy for the clients. The DNS is located in SP. There is one intranet-web-site that requires special proxy. The DNS does not know anything about this site.

I created proxy-rule in CE, but does not work. I sniffed the traffic and I see that CE still tries 1st of all resolve the ip address with DNS, instead of redirect this traffic to different proxy.

The rule looks as:

rule enable

rule action use-proxy 8080 pattern-list 10 protocol all

rule pattern-list 10 url-regex \

Does somebody has suggestions what to do?

Community Member

Re: Proxy rule for CE


Have you verified the requests actually go to the server instead of the proxy, or only that the CE is doing a DNS lookup. Below is what the documentation states for rules, so it might be important to see what the proxy request looks like.

Michael Voight


If a rule is configured with a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and a request is received with the partial domain name in transparent mode, the rule fails to be executed, because the FQDN is not in the request URL. In transparent mode, if a request is destined for a particular domain (for which a domain rule is configured) and does not contain the Host header, the rule pattern match fails.

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