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Question about GSS

1. Can the customer customize the health check of backend server ? Eg. Using SNMP to poll the OID to check if the threshold is greater than a specific value.

2. Do GSS has database to check the location of client so that they can result the IP of that location? If has the database, what is it is refer to IANA? Will it be updated?

3. Do GSS resolves DNS query with application Dependence? That means Application A's IP depends on the health status of Application B.

4. Can GSS be deployed at different location with automatic configuration synchronization?

5. Is GSS compliance to DNS RFC standard? Support all DNS record type? Eg. A, MX, PTR and AAAA recorsd etc.

6. Can GSS support IPV6 routing?


Re: Question about GSS

1. Scripted Keepalives can be used for SNMP based probing. Other Supported Keepalive types include; ICMP, TCP, HTTP HEAD, and KAL-AP.

2. NO

3. Its do-able using multi-port feature. Using this feature GSS can send keepalives to two IPs and mark the APPlication server UP (& serve its IP in DNS requests) only if both Keepalives are successfull.

4. Yes. GSS network consists of a Primary GSSM device that pushes all the DNS rules to the other GSS appliances in the network.

5. GSS by itself only supports "A" records. Using CNR on GSS gives you DNS server like functionality. CNR CNR follows the RFC 3046 (')">

6.IPV6 is not supported.


Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

New Member

Re: Question about GSS

Thanks for your reply.

for your reply, i would like to further clarify the following items.

1. using SNMP based probing, can i set the criteria the probed SNMP value should be greater than a specific value in order to determine the resource is available?

4. is the configuration sychronizes automatically? and also encrypted?

5. so it is not 100% compliance to DNS RFC standard?

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