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Question about replacement of ACE30 module


I have several questions for replacement of ACE30 module at C6513. Please help me because it is urgent situation. I should replace an ACE30 module by this week.

There are questions below.

Several days ago, the ACE module which was running as the role of Active suddenly disconnected the peer group and then L4 connection was disconnected. As a result, the structure of this had changed as Active-Active then a network operator extracted the ACE module after reload the ACE module, then the issue was stopped. Now I should put that ACE module into existed location, which I tested whether the hardware is fault or not clearly.

a) I will back up all of configs in second ACE module which is running now using checkpoint then I will extract the data using tftp.
 * Question> is it essential? because, using checkpoint text is the same as copying running config.

b) Before putting the module into C6513, I will extract "inservice" from ft groups using "no inservice".
 * Question> is it right decision?

c) then I will configure "no power enable module" and then I will put the module into C6513.

d) When the module is completely booted, I will configure "inservice" at the ft groups there are only two groups. (C6513 ft groups configured no prompt and all of existed configurations are existing)
 * Question> is it right? the synchronization of configuration will replicate from existing redundant module (currently active) to the module without any actions?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.



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Hi Chris,Your plan looks good

Hi Chris,

Your plan looks good. Before you put ft group in "inservice" ensure that you have connectivity with the peer over FT vlan. A ping should be able to tell you that. Other than your action plan looks fine.

Attaching one document for your reference in future for replacement due to RMA's etc.

Hope this helps!



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Hi Kanwal, Thank you so much,

Hi Kanwal,


Thank you so much, it will be helpful.

Thank you for your concern.




Cisco Employee

Hi Chris,You are welcome

Hi Chris,

You are welcome.



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