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quirkiness with box to box redundancy.

I have several sets of CSS's running in box to box redundancy running version 5.03 Build 15.

My question is what causes one CSS to out of the blue go backup and the other become master? I've had this happen on just about all the ones I have configured for box to box. This one pair has been running for a little over a year without a problem and today failed over to the other CSS twice. Nothing shows up in the logs except the "transition to redundancy backup / master." Another pair did this several times about a year ago, after having ran for quite some time. I rebooted both units and they were fine for a period of about 6 months. I find this very strange and am curious if anyone else has had these same problems. I have updated the code on one set, the problem reappered about 7 months later.

I'm now deploying all new CSS installs using interface/vip redundancy.


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Re: quirkiness with box to box redundancy.

the version you are using is a potential explanation.

I would really not recommend it.

You should either go to 5.0 or 6.10

Regarding the problem you got, it could also be related to how you connected the CSS together.

Do you have a straight connection between the 2 ? or do you use a switch ?

If a switch, something could have happened there.


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Re: quirkiness with box to box redundancy.

I'll try upgrading to hold me over until I can configure interface redundancy.

The CSS's are connected via a crossover cable.

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