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RAID-5 critical error

I have 7371 which had disk00 failure. I reloaded the WAE during week end. Now I do not see the disk00 failure.. But I see RAID-5 critical when I do 'show disk details'. Everything looks normal. But does any one know how to get rid of RAID-5 critical error ?


Re: RAID-5 critical error

you must run a script (the WAAS disk check tool) that checks the file system for errors that may result from a RAID synchronization failure.

You may obtain the WAAS disk check tool from the following URL:

When you run the WAAS disk check tool, you will be logged out of the device. The device automatically reboots after it has completed checking the file system. Because this operation results in a reboot, we recommend that you perform this operation after normal business hours.

To run the WAAS disk check tool, follow these steps:


Step 1 Copy the script to your WAE device by using the copy ftp disk command.

WAE# copy ftp disk

Step 2 Run the script from the CLI, as shown in the following example:

WAE# script execute

This script will check if there is any file system issue on the attached disks

Activating the script will result in:

Stopping all services. This will log you out.

Perform file system check for few minutes.

and record the result in the following files:

/local1/disk_status.txt - result summary

/local1/disk_check_log.txt - detailed log

System reboot

If the system doesn't reboot in 10 minutes, please re-login and check the result files.

Continue?[yes/no] yes

Please disk_status.txt after reboot for result summary

umount: /state: device is busy

umount: /local/lPAM_unix[26162]: ### pam_unix: pam_sm_close_session (su) session closed

for user root

waitpid returns error: No child processes

No child alive.

Step 3 After the device reboots and you log in, locate and open the following two files to view the file system status:

•disk_status.txt- Lists each file system and shows if it is "OK," or if it contains an error that requires attention.

•disk_check_log.txt-Contains a detailed log for each file system checked.

If no repair is needed, then each file system will be listed as "OK," as shown in the following example:

WAE# type disk_status.txt

Thu Feb 1 00:40:01 UTC 2007

device /dev/md1 (/swstore) is OK

device /dev/md0 (/sw) is OK

device /dev/md2 (/state) is OK

device /dev/md6 (/local/local1/spool) is OK

device /dev/md5 (/local/local1) is OK

device /dev/md4 (/disk00-04) is OK

Step 4 If a file system contains errors, follow the instructions in the disk_status.txt file to repair the file system.

kindly send the out of the following command :

show disks details

can read this section.

Might be it give you some relevant information regading your case.

Kind regards,

Sachin garg

New Member

Re: RAID-5 critical error

Thanks for the reply.. This is how the show disk details look..

ACC#sh disk det

RAID Physical disk information:

disk00: Online J8VU2HYC 286102 MB

disk01: Online J8VV6E5C 286102 MB

disk02: Online J8VU2D0C 286102 MB

disk03: Online J8VV6EVC 286102 MB

disk04: Online J8VU27LC 286102 MB

disk05: Online J8VU2E1C 286102 MB

RAID Logical drive information:

Drive 1: RAID-5 Critical

Enabled (read-cache) Enabled (write-back)

Mounted file systems:


/sw internal /dev/sda1 991MB 615MB 376MB 62%

/swstore internal /dev/sda2 991MB 281MB 710MB 28%

/state internal /dev/sda3 7935MB 190MB 7745MB 2%

/local/local1 SYSFS /dev/sda7 55548MB 953MB 54595MB 1%

/disk00-05 CONTENT /dev/sda6 1289499MB 1105872MB 183627MB 85%

.../local1/spool PRINTSPOOL /dev/sda8 991MB 16MB 975MB 1%

Disk encryption feature is disabled.

Oddly CM GUI shows only disk00 enabled when you look at the Monitoring--> Disks but WAE CLI lists all the disks.

We opened a TAC case on this and TAC engineer suggested , it may be due to bad disk and suggested us to replace it. This is being one of the core data center, we have scheduled the disk replacement during the week end..


Cisco Employee

Re: RAID-5 critical error


You want to check the output of 'sh disk tech' and see if "PFA" is set to 'Yes' for any of the drives. If so, replace the drive.



New Member

Re: RAID-5 critical error

Hello Zach,

When I do 'sh disk tech' and I see all the disks but none of them are set with PFA is set to YES. I see RAID critical. But on CM GUI, I see only disk00 is enabled as shown in my attached doc.. Can you take a look ??



Cisco Employee

Re: RAID-5 critical error

I need to take a look at more detailed system information. Can you please unicast me a sysreport from the device?



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