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Rate Limiting - Will Content Engine 590 solve my problem?

We have a Cache Engine 550 deployed in our network which is great for reducing traffic on the Link to the Internet, however I have now run into a little problem with the device as we are now trying to implement Bandwidth Shaping using the existing Cisco infrastructure and thus the Cisco IOS.

One of the IOS features concerned is Committed Access Rate (CAR).

We would like to do some traffic shaping according to certain IP Protocols such as FTP, HTTP as well as rate limiting certain of our customers (IP Blocks) so that they don’t saturate the Serial link to our ISP.

The problem we have is that the Cache Engine 550 replaces the original requestors IP with its own as it (the CE) now takes over as the requestor to the Internet – thus we have all HTTP traffic via our ISP having the source as that of the Cache Engine.

Due to this we cannot “Rate-Limit” a particular customer (IP range).


Does the Content Engine 590 (ACNS, ICDN) enable me to complete my task and control the Serial connection the way I would like to?

Can I do a sort of “IP Spoofing” so that the original IP is still in place, but the Content Engine still does its job of Caching?

I have already looked at the Packeteer – unfortunately it only has Ethernet ports.

The WiseWan 401 with HSSI port looked promising, but I feel that even though it will do great shaping and graphs it will still not solve the problem of a saturated link upstream to the ISP (from the boxes point of view), I will still sit with packets being dropped and thus bandwidth wasted.

Anyone out there with any other solution?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Rate Limiting - Will Content Engine 590 solve my problem?


We have just implemented IP spoofing in version 4.2 of ACNS code. (Caching) which will only run on a 590/560/507/7320 cache.

Version 4.2 sould be available at the end of July early August. This will slove you problem with identifing traffic to rate limit.



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