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Recovering a lost administrator password for a NM-CE-BP-80G-K9

Good evening,

I am trying to recover a lost administrator password for a NM-CE-BP-80G-K9. I know I can establish a console session to the module with "service-module content-engine 1/0 session" (from I found the procedure to recover the password (from for a device running ACNS 5.1. From this console session I cannot reboot because I am prompted right away for user name and password.

If I reload the module from the privileged mode of the router hosting it, I get:

router2# service-module content-engine 1/0 reload
Do you want to proceed with reload?[confirm]
Trying to reload Service Module Content-Engine1/0.

Without being shown this message: "Cisco ACNS boot:hit RETURN to set boot flags:0009"

If I can't use the console to reboot what is the proper procedure to recover a lost password with this module?

Another problem I have is when I try to get the status of the module, I get:

router2# service-module content-engine 1/0 status
Service Module is Cisco Content-Engine1/0
Service Module supports session via TTY line 33
Service Module is in Steady state
Getting status from the Service Module, please wait...

The last line is obviously wrong. What is happening?



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Recovering a lost administrator password for a NM-CE-BP-80G-K9

Hi Charles I am looking for a solution to the same problem, did you ever solve it?


Cisco Employee

Recovering a lost administrator password for a NM-CE-BP-80G-K9


Issues specific to the module are that there is no easy way to stay
connected to console and at the same time reload the module. I suggest
you to work with two CLI connections opened to router. In one you open
console connection (service-module content-engine slot/unit session)
and in another window you can reboot the module (service-module
content-engine slot/unit shutdown)

This way you can follow the boot procedure and will be able to continue
after the module prompts to hit RETURN to set boot flags.

Router CLI command "service-module content-engine slot/unit session" will
connect you to the serial console of the NM-CE card. Here it is
possible to see booting sequence and break it for password recovery.

To start it booting again, you can connect to the router using another vty,
and enter command service-module content-engine slot/0 reload.

In case it gets closed upon module reset, you can reconnect immediately and
still have time to wait for the ACNS boot prompt.


Ajay Kumar

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