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redirect in and out with WCCP


I have some doubt with redirect in and out.

I have two Cisco 6509 with Catos for SUP2 and hybrid IOS for MSFC2. I have two Vlan configure toward ISP and the traffic from /to the client anf from from proxy to the origin server and viceversa cross this two vlan( vlan A and vlan B)

I have configured:

ip wccp web-cache redirect out

in both this interface( int vlan A and int vlan B)

I have a vlan cache where the cache engine are tested and everything is ok.

1? question: if I use ip wccp web-cache redirect in everything will be ok? the traffic from client to origin server enter to this interfaces using pbr in the ISP.

2? question. I'd like to use the proxy using tha CSS VIp. At this moment the CSS has the Vip to another vlan Y different from the one of the CE (X). The traffic directed to the Vip of CSS is captured but this interface vlan Y with ip wccp 98 redirect out. I need to have more ip in the vlan X so I need to eliminate the vlan Y having more IOP included the Vip of CSS.

I have to use ip wccp 98 redirect out in the int Vlan X of the CE? It will be ok if I use ip wccp 98 redirect in inthe two interconnection VLAN A and B???




Re: redirect in and out with WCCP

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Re: redirect in and out with WCCP

Thanks for your response, but I saw this url before I write to Forum.

The problem is the redirect-in, I just want to know if in my architecture this is possibl, because the CE and the CSS with Vip are in the same vlan



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