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Redirect SSL for specific pages.

We have a ACE 4710 that is load balancing a website, but now they need to redirect certain pages to SSL.  I have the SSL configured but need to know how to redirect an unencrypted request for a specific page to SSL, I only know how to redirect based on destination IP which works fine.

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Re: Redirect SSL for specific pages.

I actually just had this same issue.  So with out going into all the exact syntax, which I can provide later if is what I did and it worked great...

1.  Created a class-map called HTTPS and HTTP

2.  Created a series of "class-map type http loadbalance match-all"

     a.  in these maps we matched to all the URL we wanted redirection to be applied too (using the http header and http url)

     b.  we also made class maps to HTTP ONLY URL, but did not use the "match http url"

3.  Created a rserver & serverfarm for redirected traffic

4.  Created a policy-map load balance

     a.  matched the CLASS for the redirects

     b.  class default for the HTTP ONLY classes

5.  then applied the class maps for http and https to mutli-match policy and assigned the correct loadbalance policy to each class.

we also did sticky on the SSL, so if the user tries to break out of the SSL by changing the https to http, the session will break.

I hope this helps...

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