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Redirection Question


I'm currently in the process of configuring a CSS to terminate some web traffic to our site. One of the things I'm looking to implement is a way to redirect traffic to destinedfor http to https if it attempting to hit a certain URL, eg to be redirected to a https connection - to be redirected to a https connection - to be redirected to a https connection -

In order to encompass all the re-directs on the CSS, would I need to create a separate content rule for each redirect, and within said content rule apply the redirect string to push the traffic to https?

One of the other options I was toying with, was the possibilty of using wildcard strings, so for each url, replacing the data/voice/video segment of the url, with a wildcard, allowing, in theory, a single re-direct and content rule to manage the re-directs for all 3 URLs - Is this viable?

Appreciate the input


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Re: Redirection Question

the CSS does not accept url matching like A*B or *B*. Only A*.

So, unfortunately there is no solution to catch this traffic in a single content rule.

Unless you can modify your url and move the /secure just after the domain name.

ie: ... abc123/secure/data/....

Then you can have a single content rule matching on /secure/*


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