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Redundancy with dual nic servers

Hi I have 2 11500's configured with box-to-box redundancy. I have a number of app servers each with dual nic's (which are Teamed) and which are connected directly to the CSS's. Nic 1 in each goes to the master CSS1 and is therefore live. Nic2 goes to standby CSS2.The CSS's are connected two 4500 switches to the public.I am monitoring the links to the 4500's,if i switch off the master CCS1,we fail over and the servers all connect via nic2 to the new master CCS2. But when the link to the 4500 from the CSS1 Master goes down the CSS'S failover but the nic2's do not connect to the CCS2 because Nic 1 in each server has not failed ie they still see CSS1 as up. Is there a workaround to this problem ?




Re: Redundancy with dual nic servers

I know of no way to link CSS interfaces so that if the uplink goes down, the the other ports are shutdown. There may be another way to configure the adapter teaming or failover on the server side. I know some OS's send out test frames from one adapter to the other to verify network integrity.

What I'd recommend is that you setup a VLAN on your 4500's for the server's physical connections, and uplink that to a "backend" interface on the CSS. This can be done with the CSS in either a router or bridge configuration, but I'd recommend router mode.

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Re: Redundancy with dual nic servers


I set up the vlans, one for the app servers and one for the CSS and external users on each switch. I put nic1 from each server into switch 1 and nic2 conected to switch2. I used 2 monitor services to track the state of the the two vlan interfaces. on each CSS, and everthing fails over, ie box failover, dual NIC's and the vlan interfaces.



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