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Resource usage questions

I was trying to clear stats for resource usage and I can't clear it

I did clear stats all and it does not clear it

TEST-EWDC-T1ACE12-1/Education# clear stats all

TEST-EWDC-T1ACE12-1/Education# show resource usage


Resource Current Peak Min Max Denied


Context: Education

conc-connections 0 0 1440000 1440000 0

mgmt-connections 0 0 18000 18000 0

proxy-connections 0 0 188744 188744 0

xlates 0 0 188744 188744 0

bandwidth 0 0 90000000 215000000 0

throughput 0 0 90000000 90000000 0

mgmt-traffic rate 0 0 0 125000000 0

connection rate 0 0 180000 180000 0

ssl-connections rate 0 0 180 180 0

mac-miss rate 0 0 360 360 0

inspect-conn rate 0 0 1080 1080 0

acl-memory 2747120 2747264 12749872 0 9

sticky 30 30 796916 0 0

regexp 175 175 188744 0 0

syslog buffer 753664 2094080 754688 0 0

syslog rate 0 3 18000 0 1917


why not? Also when I do write mem is it using resources ?

Also does anybody whats a limit on number of lines per context ? meaning after how many lines u will see performance issue?

Cisco Employee

Re: Resource usage questions

You can't clear resource usage info.

This info comes from the micro engines and like all ME stats, the counters can't be cleared.

A 'wr mem' is not using resource tracked by the 'show resource' command.

Obviously you will use disk space, CPU and memory just to run the command.

There is no limit on number of lines.

The limit would be the size of nvram.

You would get performance issue when the number of objects like policy/acl increases.

You will clearly know when you hit performance issue as with large config we have seen delays of 30minutes for the prompt to get back.

If your config gets that big, you will be recommended to run A2(2.0)


Community Member

Re: Resource usage questions

we have migrated to A2(2.0) and we have about 8300 lines on a context where we see issues where when we do wr mem it takes time and when add a config like loadbalance vip icm-reply it takes about a 1 minute for the prompt to come back.

here is another question we have about 30 ACLS on this context. When I do show acl mergd-list vlan 621 in I get the following output

What does the following mean it says Total:44226 Non_redundant:42550

All ACEs in merged list 6 Total:44226 Non-redundant:42550

Priority:328, Lineno:0, ACE-id:1798 Action:PERMIT, Path-id:0x81/0x0/0x0:6/0[6/0]


Pmap:0x5, Log:FALSE/FALSE[FALSE][FALSE], Interval:0/0[0][0]

Hash1:0x0 Hash2:0x0

Generated:TRUE, need-to-add-in-comp:NO_ACT_NEEDED, redundant:FALSE

Parent:: feature:SECURITY ace-lineno:8 ACL priority:0[G:0,P:0,C:0,ACL:0]

Parent:: feature:TO CP ace-lineno:2 ACL priority:33556481[G:0,P:2,C:8,ACL:1]

Feature:SECURITY Policy:1[1][1] sec-level:0x0 Intratype:SKIP

Feature:TO CP Policy:1[1][1] sec-level:0x0 Intratype:TERMINATE


IP address SRC: DST:

Ports SRC:RANGE 0 255 DST:RANGE 0 255


Hit Count:0 Active:TRUE Timerange:0

Priority:653, Lineno:0, ACE-id:1799 Action:PERMIT, Path-id:0x81/0x0/0x0:6/0[6/0]


Pmap:0x5, Log:FALSE/FALSE[FALSE][FALSE], Interval:0/0[0][0]

Hash1:0x0 Hash2:0x0

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