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Reverse proxy without wccp / css?


I have a cache engine 505 in an DMZ, this cache is my proxy-server for my clients at inside network.

Now I want to use this cache as a reverse-proxy for my Web Server that is on the same DMZ. All examples at the CCO are using WCCP and CSS, I try to use the following configuration:

My cache is listening for proxy at port 80 (command "http proxy incoming 80").

I add to my DNS server a host called "www" pointing to the IP address of the Cache.

So, at the cache I put the command: "rule use-proxy x.x.x.x 80 domain <A HREF="javascript:newWin('"')">"</A> where x.x.x.x is my real WEB-Server address, and the "" is the FQDN of my Web Site.

In my tests, when a Internet host (not a internal host) try to open this site, the Cache show a page with the message "The cache was unable to ...", but if I configure this Internet host to use the cache engine as proxy server, the page works fine.

Can you help me?


Re: Reverse proxy without wccp / css?

If you want the users to be transparently directed to the cache, you will have to enable wccp. Otherwise you have to configure them to expicitly use the cache engine as the proxy server. So I would suggest that you enable wccp.

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Re: Reverse proxy without wccp / css?

You need to enable WCCP on CE505 and you require a router/L4 switch with WCCP support.

Pls refer to

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Re: Reverse proxy without wccp / css?


but the problem is to do WCCP works throught a firewall. In my tests, the WCCP only works when a router is directly connected to the Cache Engine.


Re: Reverse proxy without wccp / css?


this might be related to the face that you used an older software version. There were sometimes problems with that. Normaly WCCP should work across Layer 3 Bounderies.

Maybe your firewall blocked the packets.

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Re: Reverse proxy without wccp / css?


I'm using software version 2.51, this is the newest software supported by Cache Engine 505.

My firewall is permited any traffic between the router and the Cache.

It's very strange, because the Router discover the Cache using WCCP, at the command "show ip wccp web-cache" for example, the "redirect" packets counter is incrementing, but it doesn't working.

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