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New Member

sample config

So I have been trying to setup trunking (got that done and tested) on a pair of CSS 11503's and now i would like to setup ASR, vr and vip redudnacy to failover between them. Does anyone have any samples of how to do this with all public ips, all the cisco docs are for nat'd configuration which we do not run, everything would be public.

right now management of the css is done over vlan100 but the servers are in vlan150, different subnet's obviously however what is messing me up is the docs are all saying to use outside public ips and inside for the servers. I only have public ips and don't have time to change anything to a nat...any help would be great

Cisco Employee

Re: sample config

our documentation uses private ip because we can't use public ip in the documentation.

Simply replace the private ip with your own ip subnet and everything should be the same.


New Member

Re: sample config


Thanks. So today I finished some testing and was able to have the vip's failover succesfully, and saw the virtual router pick up from backup to master. dropped 3 ping packets before it came up..not too shabby. then it failed back over no problem and picked right back up.

now I just have to changed all my default gateways to the css :)

New Member

Re: sample config

actually let me append my previous comment with a question..

since I am trunking up (to my 6509s) and down (to various switches)...what should my default route be on the CSS's

i have 2 vlan's right now

vlan 10

ip address

vlan 20

ip address

in my global however I am using

ip route 1

10.1 btw is a virtual (HSRP address) on my 6509's

11.1 would be the virtual (HSRP address) on my 6509's for vlan20 etc..

so yes my previous statement about the gateways for my web servers pointing to the CSS is true (redudant int), however if I have other servers on my switches that are not in the lb's groups and I point it those servers to my HSRP virtual for vlan20's 11.1 i cannot ping it... so what are my options cause I would rather not change gateways on some of the other machines that won't be load balancing.

I noticed in the trunking sample config the global had no route, but when i removed it, i couldn't get to anything (of course).

thanks again

Cisco Employee

Re: sample config

in your design, you should have a client side and a server side.

The gateway should be on the client side.

I'm not sure about you're saying about server not being able to ping 11.1.

If the servers are in the same vlan as 11.1, they should be able to ping it.

If not, the css ain't nothing to do with it.

But I may not have the complete picture here.


New Member

Re: sample config


yupper that was the problem....I wasn't making a client side and server side...quick review of the docs pointed that out and now all is working..with regards to the pings.