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SCA not intercepting java app

Hi, I have a pair off CSS-11050's and a pair of SCA2's for SSL processing. I'm doing a standard one-arm proxy cache setup.

Initially I ran into a problem were if the site had a redirect within it's code, the SCA didn't intercept it. I found were to enable the re-write of the header for that.

Now my problem lies with a java client. When you start the java client install, it tries accessing the site via http. The SCA doesn't seem to intercept this traffic and re-write the http header.

I have the http rule setup to redirect to https, which breaks the login session to the webapp. If I take the SCA's out of the content rules and enable SSL on the web server in question I can preform the install without any problem. Is there an option I need to enable to intercept the java stream and have it re-write the header to keep it on the https rule.

I can post configs if needed, but basically it's a cut and paste from the user guide for one-arm proxy-cache

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Re: SCA not intercepting java app

this is a java problem.

The code will contain links and unfortunately, the SCA can't rewrite it.

So, unfortunately, there is no solution to this.


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