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SCA11000 lockups

I have an SCA11000 that I just upgraded to version code. The SCA is setup in one armed non-transparant mode. Since the upgrade the SCA appears to be running out of memory. The heap used goes up to 89%. The only process that looks suspect is sslTproxy. When the SCA locks up the heap for that process is over 35,000,000. The symptom is the box appears to stop passing ssl traffic. I can telnet to the box and reload it to clear the issue.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

MLewis - Citistreet

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Re: SCA11000 lockups

I have also seen this problem with Was told that there might be an interim release available from Cisco that would fix this problem.

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Re: SCA11000 lockups


I received release from TAC. I have it loaded on one of my SCA's and have been monitoring today. The heap climbed up to 86%, The sslTproxy process to 32,000,000 +. I also noticed over 2700 in SSL Sessions memory zones. I thought I was going to have to reload the SCA. Then It appears the memory cleaned itself up. I'm waiting for TAC to confirm from the DE that this is what supposed happen and that I'm not loosing active SSL connections. I'll keep you posted


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